IPL 2018: Gautam Gambhir Quit Delhi Daredevils Captaincy

Why did Gautam Gambhir quit Delhi Daredevils captaincy?

Why did Gautam Gambhir quit Delhi Daredevils captaincy?

New Delhi: Gautam Gambhir today said his team had not made any pressure on the captaincy of the IPL team Delhi Daredevils. Gambhir said that he had not given any major contribution to the team and had taken responsibility for the team’s poor performance.

“We’re not always out of the tournament. Sometimes our mind says this is the right time. Only so, that’s what the mind says. I undertake my full responsibility. We think we have a team to change things. “Gambhir said.

“It was my emotional decision to leave Kolkata. At the outset of the tournament, I thought that if I defeat it would be a defeat for my captaincy. I was 28 when I was part of the Kolkata team. Now as 36. That may be a reason. At age 28, Gambhir added, “It’s not an easy as survival as a teenager.

Gambhir returned to Delhi after playing for Kolkata Knight Riders for seven years. That change was to play in his home team Delhi Daredevils. Gautam Gambhir was appointed as captain of the Delhi team after six matches. Shreyas Aiyar is the new captain.

Gambhir is also the first ODI captain to play in the tournament that will not be rewarded like this. Gambhir was also named the captain of Shreya Aiyyar’s name as the captain. It is known that Delhi management has not decided on the decision of Gambhir to make money. Gambhir told reporters that the performance of Delhi in the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League would be


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