Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB

Hey, guys in today’s article I will show you Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB Many of us love to play Games but the sizes of the games were very heavy, and they also required a decent Specification to run that heavy games. Which many of us don’t like much and even the worst case is mobile storages which creates problems while installing high-end games on your Android Phones. So, to play amazing Games with High Graphics settings, I have listed Top 5 Amazing Android Games that size under 10 MB. You Can Play this games smoothly even if you have RAM less than 1 GB.
So, let’s quickly see the list of the games:

Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB
Crazy Wheels: As you can see the name of this game Crazy Wheels. In this there is a rider on a bicycle, so, Basically, you have to jump using your bicycle. This game sizes only about 6.4 MB which is excellent. You get very nice Graphics and smooth controls. Here you will get too many levels to play with. Whenever you crash your bicycle or smash through obstacles you bicycle parts will starts disappearing. So, this type of crazy features you will see in this game.

Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB

Police Vs. Zombies: Many of you have played Plant Vs. Google but this is Police Vs. Zombies and this also sizes 6 MB. In this game, you get to see a policeman with a gun, and you have to shoot zombies as simple as that. We can say that for time pass it is the best game.

Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB

Brave Ninja: This game I like the most here you will see a Ninja. You have to take Ninja on a journey; you have jumped, You have to avoid obstacles. This Game sizes 10 MB. So to play this game, you have to hold your Ninja, and you will see that along bamboo will start to appear then you have to fill the gap using bamboo. You have to create a bridge. It is simple, but it is very addictive and challenging game.

Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB

Modern Sniper: Here you can create your character and name it whatever name you like then you will get a rifle, or you can choose as you want then you can see story mode, endless mode but you can choose any accordingly after that you will get some locations, and you have to shoot. So, this is also a simple and challenging game size 10 MB. For 10 MB you are getting Insane Graphics.

Top 5 Amazing Android Games Under 10 MB

Friction: This is our last game but not the least Friction. Now as the name friction you can understand what the game is all about. Let me tell you that this game has very low downloads, but I like this game personally. In this game, you have to jump and run as simple as that the theme of the game is very nice to see and also the character looks funny to see.

Final Words: This is all the games that I like, and they do not take much Space and Ram. You can play this all five games in any of you Your Android device smoothly.

(If you liked the games which we have listed above and wanted to install then just tap on the name of the game and you will be redirected to Google Play store.)
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