Apple iPhone X With 6.1-inch Display To Be Priced Under Rs 50,000

Apple iPhone X With 6.1-inch Display To Be Priced Under Rs 50,000

Following iPhone case maker Olixar had confirmed earlier that Apple will soon be launching a budget-friendly iPhone X variant featuring a 6.1-inch, reports today speculate its pricing. According to a report by Forbes, the upcoming Apple iPhone X variant with the 6.1-inch screen to could be launched in a starting cost of $600 which approximately equates to Rs 40,869 in India. Considering duties and taxes, Apple could launch this iPhone X variant for under Rs 50,000.

While there is no information about the official name of the device, reports so far have claimed that this budget iPhone will feature an iPhone X-like notch screen and will be slightly larger in proportion. The Forbes report indicates that this device will measure 5.79 x 2.81-inches. Though the device will look like the original iPhone X, then it won’t have several flagship attributes. It’ll be considered as an entry-level iPhone replacement the much talked about iPhone SE 2.

The new budget iPhone X using 6.1-inch display provides FaceID and there’ll not be any fingerprint scanner. On the downside, the screen will be LCD and not OLED. The rear will appear similar to the iPhone X with a standard single-lens setup and glass panel. The device will support charging. However, it will not encourage 3D Touch.

For those unaware, Apple allegedly may have fully canceled the iPhone SE 2 altogether. The report by Forbes attributes this information to iPhone case maker Olixar. According to the report, Olixar includes a”remarkable track record of smartphone escapes” that is primarily because companies like Olixar have to be well prepared with smartphones soon after a new device gets started.

Based on this information, Olixar has even started to produce accessories for the 6.1-inch iPhone X version. But, it appears Apple has some better programs — provide a bigger 6.1-inch iPhone X version with the newest hardware to get a slightly lesser price when compared to current iPhone X rates.


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