Google Moved To Reconsider Ties With Huawei By US Lawmakers

Google Moved To Reconsider Ties With Huawei By US Lawmakers

Huawei’s plans for global domination have been foiled by the US authorities, but it appears they’re not done with their intervention only yet. US lawmakers, the two by the Senate and the House, have now sent a letter to Google to reconsider its partnership with Huawei.
Pointing to Google’s recent movement to split ties with the Pentagon and not provide its own AI tools to get a drone project, the lawmakers from the letter state that, “while we regret that Google did not wish to continue a long and fruitful tradition of collaboration between the army and technology companies, we’re even more disappointed that Google apparently is more prepared to support the Chinese Communist Party than the U.S. military.”
This letter is the latest attack against the Chinese phone maker, who combined with ZTE, continues to be confronting authorities criticism and prospects of a ban from the United States. The correspondence delivered to the technology giant is signed up by a selection of lawmakers, including Republican senators Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio, along with several Congress members — Mike Conway, Liz Cheney, and Dutch Ruppersberger.

Google Moved To Reconsider Ties With Huawei By US Lawmakers

The letter further proceeds to include that the partnership between Google and Huawei could pose to be a huge danger to US national security and American consumers. The lawmakers have urged Google to break all ties with the Chinese telephone manufacturer. Among those things that the US is concerned about is Huawei assuming a leadership position in the industry using its 5G technology.
In response to the letter, Google spokesperson Andrea Faville in an announcement to Reuters explained that,

Like many U.S. companies, we have agreements with dozens of OEMs (manufacturers) around the world, including Huawei. We do not provide special access to Google user data as part of these agreements, and our agreements include privacy and security protections for user data. 

This means Google won’t break ties with Huawei anytime soon, however, fears remain about further government sanctions which may affect Huawei’s Android smartphones — for which the company has reportedly begun working on its OS. 


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