Google Play Now Makes It Easier To Manage Your App Subscriptions

Google Play Now Makes It Easier To Manage Your App Subscriptions

The redesigned Subscriptions Center at Google Play, which was declared at I/O 2018 in May, is now widely available to most users. Subscriptions Center is the place handle your app subscriptions and discover new programs worth subscribing to.

Within an official blog post, Google showed the tools in the new Subscriptions Center that would enable developers to handle their revenue stream more efficiently.

For users that are still to sign up for a program, the Subscriptions Center currently has a’Get Started’ link which directs them to a page where they can discover subscription apps and also choose from a broad catalog curated from Google Play. Tapping on an app here shows details about like the subscription cost, primary payment system, renewal date, etc..

Along with this, the Subscriptions Center now allows users to alter payment methods, upgrade banking information and set up another payment system as a backup. You can also renew and cancel subscriptions, and revive canceled subscriptions

Additionally, when users cancel a subscription, a feedback questionnaire will automatically pop-up to learn why they have opted to leave. Google has also established new ‘Deep Links’, which can be utilized by developers to let users manage their subscriptions from the app, via the net or by email.

Google has also announced a range of new changes for programmers that will arrive in the near future. Programmers will soon have the ability to notify users regarding changes in subscription prices through in-app notifications, push emails and notifications. And if users don’t accept the new pricing structure prior to the renewal, the subscription will be canceled.

With an increasing number of programmers adding a subscription to their apps so users need to pay every month rather than a one-time buy, it makes complete sense for Google to concentrate on this aspect because of its next major developments to the Play Store.


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