IFFCO Tokyo Car Insurance


IFFCO Tokyo Car Insurance

As one of India’s most trusted car insurance companies, IFFO Tokyo provides a car insurance policy with great benefits, easy claims and online renewal. Drive the road with the Tokyo online car insurance policy, and the policy Get more profit than the price. Buy or renew cashless car insurance online with the convenience of your home or office, and make a payment through our secure electronic payment gateway.

If you buy online 4-wheeler insurance from IFFO Tokyo, you get coverage against personal damages or physical damage to the car, and other third party liabilities arising from vehicle use, according to the cover you choose. With our comprehensive cover, you will survive theft or loss, and both personal and third-party liabilities. Apart from this, you can also get many additional benefits, such as On Road Protector Coverage and Value Auto Coverage – the kind of car insurance cover you want.

To learn more about our car insurance online policies or to get a quick car insurance price, you can check on our website or connect with our sales partners today.

Why buy IFFO Tokyo car insurance policy online?

Accidents and disasters can not be predicted, but due to necessary precautions, you may be able to get ready. To stay protected and to avoid any legal consequences, Buy IFFCO Tokyo Car Insurance Online Today

Our online car insurance policy provides full support when needed, and covers your vehicle for physical loss or damage, personal disasters, theft etc. To get car insurance pricing, fill out the “Request for quotation” form available on our website. Just enter your personal details and information about the vehicle, and get a quick online quote.

What the policy covers

Loss or damage to the vehicle insured for the following reasons:

  1. Fire, explosion and self-ignition
  2. Flooding, flooding, typhoon, storm, cyclone, snow storm, litter, lightning, earthquake, landslide, falling of rocks (threats of divine disasters).
  3. Damage in transit by burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious or terrorist activities, accidental external damage, road, rail, inland waterway, elevators, elevator or air.
  • Legal liability for injury to any third party arising from the use of a vehicle insured in a public place (for unlimited) or loss of property (up to Rs. 750,000) Coverage of the amount of compensation (including interest), the cost of the claimant (if payable) and the salvage expense (done with the consent of the insurer).
  • A personal accident cover of Rs 200,000 for a vehicle of a vehicle insured, during entry into the car or during rotation, or during a trip. Compensation is payable for death and various types of permanent disability.
  • Reimbursement of expenses up to Rs 1,500 for car safety, removal / dragging and redistribution of car after the accident of the insurance vehicle.
  • Some important detail covers available under the policy on the payment of additional premium are:
  1. Damage / damage to electricity / non-electric goods and CNG / LPG fuel kits.
  2. Personal accident cover for unknown travelers.
  3. Comprehensive legal liability cover for driver / conductor.
  4. Participation in rallies by insured vehicle.

Other Usefull Features Of The policy

There are two basic types of policies provided by IFFCO-Tokyo. ‘Only liability policy’, which has been compulsory in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, covers 2 and 3 listed above.

For your reference, see ‘What is covered under the policy?’

In order to effect the transfer of ownership on the transfer of ownership, the application for the transfer within 14 days of such change, with the necessary documents and with the payment of fee / additional premium (if necessary) should be given.

Replacement components are subject to depreciation for vehicle damage claims, whose percentage depends on the age of the vehicle and the category of parts. Such claims are also made subject to compulsory additional / deduction, which is the CC of the vehicle. Depend on

Sum Insured And Premium Details

All vehicles are insured for a fixed price, which is called an insured declared value (IDV). It is calculated based on the manufacturer’s listed sales price, in which the accessories (where applicable) are reduced by appropriate depreciation on the basis of the age of the vehicles.

There are two basic components of premium under the policy. Liability Premium Vehicle CC There is a certain amount on the basis of. While ‘premium rate of self-injury’ (%) depends on the vehicle cc, age, model, operation zone etc., which is implemented on IDV. Additional premium is payable for ‘expansion cover’, if chosen.

Premium discounts are available in the following circumstances:

  • Automobile Association membership
  • Anti-theft device installation
  • High voluntary excess – if chosen.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB).

At the time of renewal every year the discount on NCB is allowed. , It is expressed as a percentage of ‘self-harm premium’ based on the number of years of claim-free experience and increases from 20% to 50%. It follows the fate of the insured and not the vehicle, which means it will also apply to a replacement private car.

This renewal can be transferred to another insurer by presenting necessary supporting documents. For NCB eligibility, the renewal should be effective within a maximum of 90 days within or after the scheduled expiry date. If a vehicle is filed under damage claims policy, the NCB will be eliminated on renewal.

About Cancellation Of Policy

The company can cancel the policy after sending a notice of seven days to the insurer on the last known address of the insured and in that case the pro rata portion of the premium will be refunded from the premium payment for the period of the policy. If no claim has arisen during the policy period, the insurer can be canceled at any time on the notice of seven days from the delivery filed by the insured, after which the insured company’s premium for the duration of the policy will be applicable at short term rates. Will be entitled to the deduction of the remaining amount, where the ownership of the vehicle is transferred, the policy can not be canceled until it is canceled. Manit insurance is not the vehicle has been taken to another place
For cancellation requests, insured can also contact our toll free number or file a service request (contact us -> contact us form -> service request).



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